Landscape Makeovers

Ok…we admit it. One of our favorite services to perform is a complete landscape makeover. There is something thrilling about coming to a property, seeing what the current landscape looks like, making a customized design plan with the owners, performing the work necessary, and executing the plan so the property looks TOTALLY different than when we arrived. Our absolute favorite part is the amazed / proud / grateful / excited / delighted looks on the owners’ faces when they see the completed project, and realize their dreams have come true.

Armand Professional Services is adept at envisioning a space that you will be proud to call home. Our landscape designers will consult with you, so your home’s exterior is as much “you” as the interior. We use our expertise and experience in selecting the proper plants for the site, choosing the appropriate locations for specimen plants and trees, adding all the right touches to provide you with a comprehensive plan, incorporating all the bells and whistles you desire.

And then, we go to work. Creating the perfect outdoor space for you, whether it’s a lush tropical front landscape, a pool backdrop, a butterfly garden area…if you want it, we can do it.

We also take into consideration how you will be using the space, be it a children’s play area, a walkway to your backyard, or simply a canvas upon which your most valuable asset (your home) proudly sits. Our designers can highlight the best features, or hide your utilities. We can also add landscape lighting and artwork to your property for a truly unique look. At Armand Professional Services, we know you want your home to be aesthetically pleasing, tasteful, easy to maintain, and perhaps, the perfect thing to make the neighbors just a little jealous!

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