Mulch, Rock, Sod

Armand Professional Services has the quality materials for all your landscaping needs, and the expertise and experience to install these products for you.

Mulch, a protective material placed over soil, is one of the easiest ways to beautify your property. Mulch helps prevent weeds, protects plants’ root systems, conserves moisture in the soil and plants, and slows the erosion of topsoil. “Organic” mulches (such as straw, wood chips and bark) can add nutrients to the soil. It also provides a more “finished” look to planting beds, giving your landscaping a more uniform, well-cared-for appearance. We have several different types and colors of mulch available to compliment your landscaping, such as wood chips, stones, and bark.

Rocks are considered “hardscape” in your landscape; non-living materials that provide interest and diversity to your setting. There are many kinds of rocks to choose from, whether it be crushed gravel, landscaping rocks, pebbles, or boulders. Rocks can add height and elegance, present a more natural look to your landscape, and can highlight specimen plants. Landscaping rock comes in an infinite variety of choices, and we can help you find rocks to create visually appealing displays.

Sod is turf, or grass. Sod can be used to establish a lawn quickly, or replace areas that are damaged or dead. It is vital in filtering pollutants, and releasing oxygen. Most people appreciate a healthy, green lawn on their property, and a well-maintained landscape can add up to nearly 15% to the value of your home. Our skilled landscaping crews can install premier quality sod to beautify your property.

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