Commercial Properties

We know that the last thing, you, a commercial property owner, wants is for your customers or residents to see bugs. While not only a nuisance, pests can tarnish the positive image you have worked so hard to maintain, and can be a health and sanitation issue.

In addition to our pest management service, we also offer rodent control, fly control, wild animal trapping, bird control, flea and tick control, termite control and prevention, and once-a-year fire ant control. We are ANT SPECIALISTS!

Armand Exterminating / Armand Professional Services offer a variety of pest control services for your commercial property. After an extensive inspection of your property, we can recommend and design a customized course of action to control and prevent pests from occupying your commercial place of business. Working with your employees to contain any insect attractants, identifying insect harborages, and locating entry points and moisture conditions are equally important in controlling any infestations that may arise.

We will make the service convenient for you, at a time that will provide the best possible service with minimal disruption to your business. Our IPM (integrated pest management) approach will keep your property free of pests, while maintaining a “green” approach towards pest control. Our well trained inspectors and technicians will educate your staff about ways to assist in the prevention of pests.

Armand Exterminating / Armand Professional Services can provide referrals for the many commercial properties we currently service. As you know, a happy customer is a loyal customer, and we are grateful for all of our commercial customers!

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