Water Features

Water, water, water. Living in a state surrounded by water, you realize how vitally important water is to us. We bathe in it, cook with it, swim in it. Sometimes there is not enough water, and often, there is too much! Water has one quality that no other element quite lives up to. The relaxing sound of a fountain trickling, the soothing splash from a waterfall, the peaceful pond where fish swim an aquatic ballet…all have a calming effect on us. The serenity of a water feature can enhance your landscape and your peace of mind.

Our designers can customize a fountain area for your space with superior materials to add beauty and value to your property. A fountain adds a grand quality to the entry of your home, and increases the curb appeal. It also provides a tranquil nature to your home, and a place to reflect and enjoy.

Waterfalls are full of motion, yet are magically comforting. The rush of the water falling over rocks can supply a restful quality to your landscape. Armand Professional Services can construct a custom waterfall and offer you a respite from the rest of the world.

Ponds are calming and serene, but can also be a lot of fun, especially if fish and water creatures are introduced. We can provide you with a custom designed pond to add life and tranquility to your landscape.

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